Edgar Allan Poe Gift Box Template

Here’s a copy of the papercraft Edgar Allan Poe GiftBox Jamie made in 2008 as a graphic design project:

Edgar Allan Poe Coffin Top
Here’s the top

Edgar Allan Poe Giftbox Bottom
She made this from a “Museum in a Book” on Poe. The eyes are from the Ultima Thule; the words are facsimiles of Poe Manuscripts.

After originally posting, we were contacted by the Library of Virginia. They had wanted to sell these gift boxes for Poe’s 100th Birthday Celebration. Unfortunately, this was just a graphic project and to actually make the box requires a bit of finagling. We were not able to get the specs up to where it would work for them and the project kind of fizzled.

But here they are for your amusement. I guess we’ll let you download them with a Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution/Non-Commercial license: use them for your own projects, just don’t sell them. You are free to remix and edit the images so long as you don’t sell the remixed images and allow others to remix them, just link back here.

Edward Gorey Type Poems

Gray Wolf, Canis lupus

Charles McCoy

Old Charles McCoy

 Was a very rude Boy

 He bullied the class

 And farted at Mass

But when he stole Shep’s Toy

He lost a chunk of his Sass.



Ichabod Smee

Ichabod Smee

Would only take glee

In the torture of others

(Or so said his mother)


And so you could see

Why he had to be smothered.



I’m trying to re-develop a writing practice and habit, and since I’m not there yet, I’ve been working on just a couple little stories and poems to post here. So, here’s a couple Edward Gorey type character profiles. Like the previous entry, it was just a late night fun exercise where I let my imagination go for a bit.

photo by: ArranET

The Cannibal Chantey

Cannibalistic Mermaid

Split the skin boys

Spit the nuts,

Filet his loins

And spill his guts.

Lambs are cute

And sheep’s for screwing,

Turnips are roots

And Hands for stewing.

Crack that skull,

Take out those eyes,

Boil the tongue,

The brain’s served fried.

Split the skin boys

Spit the nuts,

Filet his loins

And spill his guts.

Hogs ain’t bad

And bacon is great,

But the meat we love,

Is best served late.

Flay the skin,

Start at the top.

Fry it thin,

Make it boil and pop

Split the skin boys

Spit the nuts,

Filet his loins

And spill his guts.

Veal poached in milk

Is just sublime

But a baby’s cheek

Is as smooth as silk.

Pickle that heart,

In an onion brine.

Blood and buckwheat

Sausage shines.

Split the skin boys

Spit the nuts,

Filet his loins

And spill his guts.

Tender Chicken Breast,

And duck that’s pressed

But when your goose is cooked,

Fried Liver is best.

Liver, Pancreas,

Lung in stew,

Boiled potatoes,

Carrots and onions too.

Split the skin boys

Spit the nuts,

Filet his loins

And spill his guts.


The other night I couldn’t sleep, went out to the computer and started free writing. I ended up with a humorously graphic little quatrain, and gave myself permission to go as far as I could with it.

The morning, I took a look at it and was appalled. But hey, it was kind of fun, So I decided to keep it.

I thought it had a kind of Call and Response format to it, so I reworked it as a kind of sea chantey. Imagine the foreman calling lines one and three, with the sailors responding with lines two and four. Chanteys are work songs, designed more for the rhythm than any meaning, and are repetitive. So I think it works.



Ghost Hunting Equipment- Who You Gonna Call? No One- You’ve Got This

A photograph of paranormal investigator Harry ...
Image via Wikipedia

OK. So you’ve always felt a connection to the other side. Felt closer to the viel than most other people you know. You’ve experimented with Tarot, Ouija, Seances. You’re a believer.

Now, there seems to be others around. others with motives and aspirations that aren’t as pure. But you need to keep up, right? You need to be taken seriously.

So step right up, boys and girls, Gentlemen and gentle ladies. Our brand spanking new Ghost Hunting kit has all the equipment needed for your own investigations. Kits contain:

  • EMF Meter
  • Motion Sensor
  • Remote Thermometer
  • EVP Listener
  • Case

Hey, Add a couple flyers and your camera, and you’ll have everything but your Pk Trap.

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Zombie Nazis From Norway in “Dead Snow”

It’s been a good year for Scandanavian horror films. First, we had “Let The Right One In
, which washed the horrifying stench of Twilight out of my head.

Now there’s Dead Snow, a gory, humorous riff on Zombies. a film that begins with Hall of the Mountain King, plagiarizes Evil Dead, Friday the Thirteenth and a million other films, and should credit After Effects as Makeup Artist. Please watch this clip from near the end, and tell me if it isn’t everything you’re looking for in a Zombie Flick:

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